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Pattaya Dive Sites + Snorkel Spots

To illustrate the many Pattaya diving sites, take a look at our Pattaya Dive Sites map. Specifically, you will see Pattaya and Samae San have many coral islands suitable for diving and snorkeling alike.

18 Coral Islands & 30+ Dive Sites

Shallow Coral Reefs ( 8m to 14m) & Deep Wreck DIves ( 24m to 30m)

A majority of these dive sites have an excellent range of hard corals more diverse than many dive destinations around the world.  

You’ll also notice many wreck dive sites available next to the islands off Pattaya Thailand. These are best suited to advanced certified divers, but can also be used by trainee divers who are learning to dive deeper. As little as five kilometers from Pattaya Beach, Bali Hai Pier, there are numerous Pattaya islands and down the coast, Thailand’s only accessible real war wreck, the Hardeep.

Pattaya Dive SItes Are Open All Year Round

Pattaya Dive Sites Far Islands

The Pattaya Far Islands

There are many reasons to love the Pattaya far island dive sites, For one thing, they are made up of six main islands and several smaller ones approx 15 km away, offering variety in dive typography and aquatic life.

Another thing is they are only 1 hour 30 minutes away from Pattaya Beach. These 3 main islands include Koh Rin, Koh Phai, Koh Man Wichai, Koh Klueng Badan and the 2 smaller Thai islands of Koh Hoo Chang and Koh Luem.

HTMS Khram shipwreck dive site is also located out at the far islands. Koh Rin and Koh Manwichai is our first choice for coral diving trips in this area and also the best dive sites to see Sharks In Pattaya

Come And Dive Pattaya Coral Reefs and Shipwreck Dive Sites!

The Pattaya Near Islands

Similarly to the far islands, three near islands are 7 km off Pattaya beach, approx 45 mins away. This divine area offers no less than seven reef dive sites, as well as two shipwrecks.

Our Pattaya Near Islands are Koh Sak, Koh Larn and Koh Khrok. The shipwrecks are HTMS Kut and HTMS Mataphon. All the Near Islands are great to See Local Sea Turtles.

The corals are in excellent condition generally, although visibility can vary.  Plenty of marine life is around for the finding.

Koh Sak near island services local tourist trips and sees more boat traffic than other areas. Truly a shame because the coral and macro diving here can be brilliant, but the site is simply too busy to use some days.

The Near Island of Koh Larn and Koh Sak offer great protection during monsoon months. The strong southern winds don’t enter the bays here, which are when they are most visited. However, during good weather and a flat sea, we explore the outer islands.

Pattaya Dive Sites Near Island Thailand

Pattaya Near Islands Macro Diving is Excellent!

Pattaya Dive Sites Samae San Islands Thailand

The Samae San Islands

Samae San is a small fishing village, 45min down the coast from Pattaya. A short drive followed by an even shorter boat ride, see you at the Samae San Islands. These islands are almost entirely uninhabited.

The three large islands are Koh Samae San, Koh Chuang, and Koh Jan. Along with smaller sites as Koh Ron Nang, Hin Lak Bat (Shark Fin Rock), Koh Chang Klua, Hin Chalarm, and Hin Kunjear.

The most noteworthy dive site in Samae San is the S.S Suddhadib or The Hardeep Wreck. The Hardeep is the only real war wreck in Thailand within recreational dive limits.

Without a doubt, it is also one of the best dives sites in Pattaya for advanced divers.

The coral reefs around the Samae San is also spectacular! Especially at dive sites such as Japanese Gardens, Shark Fin Rock and Hin Charlam.


Where are the best Pattaya Dive Sites?

The best Pattaya dive site choices change throughout the year. In terms of visibility the Pattaya Far islands are generally better than the near islands, but not always!  

It’s not just the water visibility to consider either, there currents and waves. When the weather is good and the seas are calm, the choices of the best reef or wreck is easy.  However, the reality is that the ocean changes on a daily basis sometimes during the year. What is an amazing relaxing dive during February could be something more akin to the navy seal mission during later months!

In our opinion, Koh Rin and Koh Man Wichai are the best Pattaya Far Islands dive sites. Whilst the best near island site for us is Koh Sak West due to its straight up diversity and marine life.  

Hin Chalam and Japanese Gardens and Shark Fin Rock are top of the cut out of Samae San but to be honest, there really aren’t any bad dive sites in Samae San.

Best Pattaya Dive Sites Thailand


Pattaya Diving Sites best season for diving thailand

When is the best diving Season in Pattaya?

Pattaya is blessed with an all round dive season. Unlike diving Phuket or other dive destinations on the west coast, which get hit pretty hard during the monsoon season.

Pattaya is in the Northern Thai Gulf, as a result, Pattaya diving sites are largely sheltered during monsoon! Still, getting a few waves and some rain showers, but compared to other parts of Thailand, it’s just fine.

The best time of year to dive in Thailand is from Nov to March. During these months you will find the best diving in Thailand. By this time of year the winds have dropped off, the rains more or less finished and the temperature is a nice warm.

Comparatively, Thailand from April to August is when the heat can tremendous!

Whether you can make the best time of year to go to Thailand or not, the sites we choose are still some of the most beautiful places in Thailand. Just come, enjoy and have fun which like our reviews state we do well no matter the season or weather!


Wreck Diving In Pattaya & Samae San


Pattaya has always been regarded as a great diver training ground, this is due to the diversity of dive sites for wreck diving. That reputation has only grown since Pattaya now has five wreck dive sites.

Three of the wrecks sinking was a part of a local DMCR initiative to form remarkable artificial reefs and more popular dive sites the others are genuine wrecks with a sad past.

The HTMS Khram was sunk in 2001, followed by HTMS Kut is often incorrectly referred to as the RTN Koot or the Kood in 2006, a few years later in 2014 HTMS Mataphon joined these two ships to make a Pattaya wreck diving trio!

Combine these with the Infamous Hardeep and Breman in Samae San you have some good wrecks to dive during a trip here! Check out our Pattaya wreck diving section for more information.

Wreck Diving Pattaya Dive Sites Thailand

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