Frequently Asked Booking Questions

What are the times and schedules of your Dive/snorkel Trips & PADI Courses?

Typically We run one main Pattaya boat trip per day. We meet at the shop at 8 am typically and return around 3-4pm we also run special trips to Samae San and Rayong. These trips set off earlier as the pier is further away or sometimes involve us going down the night before if it is a multi-day trip. You can see the special schedules on said book trips. We may be able to provide a private trip or alternative trip upon request with advanced notice.

Do I need to book with you in advance for trips & Courses?

Yes, Please. We are busier at certain times of the year and may need to reserve your place on the boat or course. In order to avoid disappointment please book sooner than later.  In order for us to allocate your space on the boat and organise staff and groups accordingly and communicate with you to make sure everything is perfect, we need you to confirm your book at least 1 day before. You can do this by either booking online or visiting our dive shop before 8pm BKK Time the day before your requested activity begins.

If we pay a deposit via Paypal How must we pay the remaining Balance?

After a deposit, you settle the balance in our dive shop at the latest, the morning before the trip starts. In the store, you can pay by Thai Baht cash or direct bank transfer if you have a Thai bank account, alternatively, you can pay via credit or debit card, although please note that our bank charges 3% for in-store transactions. This is because we are a small business and offer this service for convenience it is easier than withdrawal cash from an ATM prior to arrival since Thai ATM’s charge between 200 – 250thb per withdrawal plus exchange rate fees depending on the banks.

Can Settle My Balance with Paypal?

YES & NO. You can pay your full balance at the point of booking with PayPal at least 24hrs before the activity commences. If you book way in advanced via deposit, again you can send the balance via PayPal also later but you must allow 72hours before the activity to do so. Typically we cannot accept Paypal on the day of a trip as Paypal often reviews transactions for between 24- 72 hours before releasing funds which may result in the funds not reaching us if the transaction is not approved by Paypal.

Do I need a License and Log Book To Dive?

YES and NO. If you DO NOT have a divers license and log book ( From any certifying agency) meaning you are not a certified diver YOU CAN scuba dive but must do so via the PADI Discover scuba diving Try dive program under the direct supervision of the PADI Instructor. If you have a PADI License but have lost it you can email us your Name and Date of Birth and we can try and find it on the system. We prefer to see certified divers log books to verify you are dive ready but if you do not have you can still dive no problems except we ask you to keep your first dive with us shallow as a check out dive for safety.

Do I need Medical Sign Off To Scuba DIve?

On any activity with our dive center, your registration paperwork will ask you to declare any pre-existing medical conditions or prescription medication.  As a certified diver, it is your responsibility to remain fit to dive and let us know if you have any concerns. As a Try Diver or dive student, we will ask you in detail to fill out  THE PADI MEDICAL FORM. If you can answer YES to any condition listed, you will NOT be able to dive until you have a dive fit sign off from a doctor. You can check this form before your trip here and at the bottom of all course pages. It is possible to get a dive medical check in Thailand also, but certainly not on the morning on a trip in time to attend the same day.

I am certified to scuba dive but not done so in a long time, what is the procedure?

The international dive community guidelines are that any scuba diver who has not been scuba diving in 6 months or longer attends a refresher program of some kinds upon returning to the water. This recommendation can vary in enforcement based upon the previous experience of the diver and the qualification level. If you are not sure if you are dive ready we strongly advise our refresher add on where you can go straight out on the boat and enjoy a regular dive trip but with instructional assistance and a refresh of knowledge and skill at the beginning of the first dive.

Can a passenger join your boat trip?

We understand that some divers and snorkeler may wish for their non-diving or non-snorkeling partners and friends to join the boat trip. We don’t have any issue per se with this however we only have so many places about each trip which are all designated for either snorkelers or divers. Therefore a passenger is welcome to come along for the day as a Snorkel Passenger. If they do not wish to snorkel this is fine but we recommend they have a try since sitting on a boat all day without activity is not our idea of fun!

Trips & courses state Transfers…

Where are these pickups offered?

We include a taxi service that is within a set area we classify as Local Na Kleua, Local Pattaya and Local Jomtien within our pricing.

See our Transfers map to see if you are staying within this area for the included pickup

If you are not staying within this typical zone, in many cases we can still help and may be able to arrange a subsidized personal pickup within the Pattaya Area

but we would need to see exactly where you are staying to be able to tell you for sure.

It’s easiest if you email us a google pin of the hotel or villas where you are staying and we can get straight on to see where you are and what he collection possibilities are.

FAQ : Pattaya Area Map l Where To Stay In Pattaya

Do You Sell Dive Packages Including Accommodation Or Arrange Hotels For Dive Trips?

On the one hand, making a dive trip or dive course package with accommodation is really good! But on the other, it’s really hard to choose just one hotel option or indeed overload people to too many options.

Instead, we have linked in many fantastic hotels in our local area based on the personal experiences and positive reviews given to them by our past customers dive trips. You can find a list of where to stay in Pattaya here with prices ranging from 500thb per night upwards. These all link out to the Agoda booking platform to make things super easy for you to get the best price and most simple booking procedure.  If you prefer a more personal service book your activity with us and then follow up with an email to us and let us know you would like some help. We will need to know your budget range per night and the check in and check out dates and we can help arrange a hotel/guesthouse on your behalf in the same way.

FAQ About Scuba Diving & Dive Courses

Do I need to be able to swim to scuba dive?

 Honestly, the answer is YES and NO… Being able to swim a bit to be reasonably confident in the water if a good idea to try diving, but on the try dive, swimming skills are not a must requirement, however, you do need to swim to get a PADI open water certification but you only have a float test to become a certified PADI Scuba Diver

Do I need to be fit to Scuba Dive?

Scuba diving should be is a relaxing sport, however, like any outdoor activtiy, you should be reasonably fit and in good health.  The whole idea is to take your time and take it slow underwater. Whether you are a certified diver or taking a course, we will ask you if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medication for which you should ask your doctor about before diving.

Is scuba diving Difficult?

No, Learning at your own pace is at the core of PADI’s system of education. This means mastering one skill at a time and progressing at your own speed until you are confident. Many students are amazed how they can go from never having dived to total confidence in one swimming pool session, but everyone is different and we progress at your capability speed.

Can people learn to scuba dive with disabilities?

Certainly! Although we will require you to have a PADI medical form signed off on by a doctor first. Many people with physical challenges are scuba divers, with a slightly different approach that focus on what you can do and finding ways to accommodate each individual there aren’t many disabilities that cant be overcome.

Do we breathe pure oxygen when diving?

No, it’s a common scuba misconception many people state about recreational scuba diving. You will be breathing normal air (21% oxygen / 79% Nitrogen) which has simply been compressed and dehumidified.

What is Nitrox?

Nitrox or EANx as its sometimes referred to is not normal compressed air. It is air with higher levels of Oxygen blended into it. This gas exposes you to a lot less nitrogen which yields many advantages, one of which is longer dive times. Read about getting Nitrox certified here

What or who are PADI?

PADI is the Professional Association of Dive Instructors and it is the largest diver training agency. Many of PADI’s dive innovations have been adopted by other agencies. Dive PADI and join the largest dive community in the world!

What is a PADI Specialty?

PADI Speciality courses are dive courses designed to concentrate on a given diving activity. If your favourite type of diving is said wreck diving and you wish to know how to safely penetrate a wreck then the wreck diver speciality is for you. See “PADI Speciality Dive Courses”

FAQ About Dive Trips and Diving Pattaya

What season is the best to dive in Pattaya?

Pattaya’s scuba diving season is actually all year around. when other dive destinations close for the monsoon season are still diving Pattaya on our daily adventures. March through July is generally classed as low season, with more extreme shifts in conditions from super hot to super wet whereas the very best diving conditions generally occur from August through to February, however, the months in between can offer some great dives if you can handle the heat and the odd 1 hour of rain!

What is the weather like in Pattaya?

Pattaya weather is generally good all year round. You will find it hot and dry from March to June, from July to October time it is nicely warm with spots of rain and then November to February is generally cooler and dry. The latter part of the season is Pattaya high season, the weather is still fantastic by European summer standards but no so hot as early in the year when it might be a little too hot for some in the high 30’s. The other reason for this season being Pattaya high season is that many people like to spend Christmas or New Year in the tropics.

Do I need to bring all my scuba dive gear?

If you have your own dive gear and want to bring it, sure you can! We offer a discounted price for those who do, but if not, don’t worry about it, Our Dive Center can supply all the scuba gear and equipment, in fact, all our dive trips and courses include the rental of scuba gear. If you want to buy dive gear here, our dive shop stocks a full range of dive equipment from top brand names such as Scubapro, Aqualung, Apex, Mares, IST and many more! We can also order anything you need within a few days.

What is the water visibility like diving in Pattaya?

Pattaya isn’t world known for crystal clear water, but with this said, it isn’t half bad most of the time and when it’s good, it really is great, especially on high tides on the further island dive sites. The visibility diving Pattaya does shift however around the time of year and the weather. After bad weather, especially on low tides, visibility can drop to about 5m metres. On good days though, we can expect visibility of 18m to 20+ metres. This is true of nearly all scuba diving locations, its the nature of the ocean.

Do I need to book in Advance to go diving?

Yes, we require you to either book online or visit our dive centre in Pattaya at least 1 day before your scheduled dive trip. This allows us to provide the service and experience you would expect from a PADI dive centre. We can get you signed up and gear fitted or stored ready for the dive trip as well as take your deposit so we can book everything in advance and arrange your pickup if required, so that on the morning of the trip you can relax with a tea or coffee and just enjoy the day with the minimum of hassle. Boat rips start at 8 am and return 4 pm

Will I be supervised or can I dive independently?

Our Dive Center is very safety focused. It is the TAT’s ( Thailand Authority of Tourism) policy to have a locally experienced professional dive leader on the boat to provide dive briefings and to lead the dive. Along with surprised Snorkelling activities. If you are a travelling dive club with your own dive pro leaders, this is fine but we will still put a guide in the water with each team to ensure safety and assistance where required.

Do I have to be a PADI diver to dive with you?

No, we welcome all certified divers, as long as you have a diver certification card with an accredited scuba dive agency then you can dive with us. Major agencies include PADI, SSI, RAID, CMAS, BSAC, NAUI, SDI, TDI, IANTD, ANDI and many more. If you cannot produce a diver license and/or log book then we will request you make a checkout dive day first to ensure you are dive ready in the interest of safety.

What are the dive sites around Pattaya like?

The Dive Sites as classified between 3 major areas. The Pattaya Near Islands, The Pattaya Far Islands and The Samae San Islands are all classed as Pattaya Diving Sites. All dive site trips are full day Boat trip excursions which range from 30 mins boat travel to 1hr 30 depending on boat speed surface conditions.  Please see our dive sites page under fun diving.